Nutracleanse Protein Pancakes

I have come to love this recipe, I eat them all the time! I have talked about Nutracleanse quite a bit and that is because it is a great source of fiber! Onto the pancakes…

1 scoop Protein Powder
3tbsp Nutracleanse
1/2 cup egg white (or to the consistency you like)
Cinnamon to taste
Splenda (optional)

Mix all together, should make about 4-5 pancakes.



When I was away and craving fried eggs on bread, I made myself a big pancake!



And then there was August

Another month down, and tomorrow is officially 10 weeks to my competition. It’s gone fast but I am headed in the right direction with a good mindset. November 9th is just a date, it is something I am working towards but my coach this week said something to me that I really appreciated. She said “I will not put you on that stage unless you look like all the other girls out there!” I don’t hear it as her not believing that I will be ready, but that no matter how hard I work my body will do what it wants, at the pace it wants. I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life, and it wasn’t until the last few years I have really started looking at my eating habits. I also had a baby 13 months ago, so my body needs time to adjust!

All in all I am very happy with my progress and looking forward to what September will bring!

I started this program in July so in 2 months I am down 18lbs. Wow I hadn’t calculated that yet. Hmm, not bad 😉

Here’s proof…


Holy August!

Where on earth did the summer go already, I can’t believe it is going to be September next week! I have been away half the month and then in the gym for the second half! My training has stepped up, I gained 4lbs while I was gone – oh well! And I dropped 9.6lbs the week I was back – awesome! The first 2 days after I got home, I was instructed by my coach to eat 2oz white fish and green beans every 2hrs 5 times a day. It got old fast, I was very happy to see my new meal plan in my inbox Tuesday night. I am now back to real food!

Oh but the workouts, let’s just say I start at 4am, finish at 6:30am and still have 45mins of cardio to do at night. Speaking of, my elliptical downstairs is calling…so is my bed with alarm set for 4am.

To be continued…

Easy Protein Bars

Here is a great recipe that I found for protein bars. Get creative with them too, its so easy!

1 cup Rolled Oats
1/2c Protein Powder (I use whey)
2 tbsp Peanut Butter (or any nut butter)
1/4c Water
1/4c Applesauce
1/4c Flax Seeds
1 tbsp Cocoa Powder
1/2 tbsp coconut flour
160g chocolate (optional for dipping)

Mix all ingredients above, I mix dry first then add in wet. Shape into 5-8 bars. Dunk in melted chocolate, put into the freezer overnight and then enjoy!

I use parchment paper to mold the dough into a flat rectangle and then cut into bars. Tonight I decided to bake them (350F for 10mins) and then freeze. No dunking in chocolate tonight! But I did add dark chocolate chips, trail mix and chia seeds.

And ta da!


I have always been an off and on runner. At 200+lbs I really shouldn’t have been running. I did my first (and only) 1/2 marathon at 215lbs! Did it slow at about 2:45, but I finished and that was the goal.


I started running again about 7months after having my son and about 30lbs lighter than the last time I ran. Man what a difference!!

This week being away I have started running again, with my current program there really is no time to get out on the pavement. I have been running in the mornings mostly, but I’m a morning workout person anyways. And every run this week has gotten better, I am going for time and seeing what my distance is every time. So about 43mins (running 10 and 1’s Running Room method) and so far 5.2km, 5.5km, 5.8km last night and then this morning…


Feel good! Now off the the gym to rip apart my back! Have a good Sunday!

Fit on the road

My job requires me to travel 4-6 times a year and not to 5 star hotels in North America! I go to the middle of the nowhere in Mexico, Central and South America. Eating well, and working out is sometimes impossible on these trips. Recently, I was asked to go to our UK office northwest of London to do some training. It would require me to be there for 2 weeks, so I thought I would ask – is it possible to get an apartment so I could cook my food and a gym near by? Ask and you shall receive, they found me a nice little apartment with a gym across the street.



I am staying in Leamington Spa, Warwick. And working out at Bizz Fitness and its great!

I did pack my bag with some favourites from home to be prepared!


Check my photos out on Instagram at slawson82 🙂

Accomplishments July

I started my program in July, first meal plan and workout was given to me by my coach. I was to follow it for 3 weeks.

This is where I started, 187lbs.


Food Program was as follows;

Meal 1: 1/2c dry oatmeal, 3tbsp Nutraclease, 1scoop whey protein

Meal 2: 4oz chicken, 1/2c rice or sweet potato

Meal 3: 4oz chicken, salad (lettuce, cucumber and tomato) w/fat free dressing

Meal 4: 3oz extra lean ground beef, 1/2c rice or sweet potato, 1/2c green veggie

Meal 5: 1/2scoop protein, 3tbsp Nutracleanse and applesauce

Meal 6: 4oz lean beef, 1/2c green veggie

Every 3rd day cut carb from meal 4 and bump protein to 6oz

Water – 3-4 litres per day

This meal plan was good, but required a lot of prep and a little too much red meat for my liking. But I did it for 2 weeks and dropped 7lbs.


My coach switched my food after 2 weeks instead of 3, she’s the expert!

Meal 1: 3/4c egg white, shredded zucchini

Meal 2: 3oz chicken, cauliflower

Meal 3: 1scoop protein powder, applesauce and 3tbsp Nutracleanse

Meal 4: 1fillet of white fish, 3/4c green veggie

Meal 5: Nutracleanse pancakes (1/2 scoop whey protein, 3tbsp Nutracleanse, 1/2c egg white, Splenda and cinnamon)

Meal 6: 1 scoop whey protein, rice cracker w/ natural peanut butter

Water – 3-4 litres per day

Believe it or not, I liked this one better. I found it easier to prep for and because I was working out at night, pancakes are light enough to eat before the gym!

Success! 179lbs down 8lbs in 3 weeks!


But that wasn’t good enough – change again! I did have a trip coming up and was going to be away for two weeks, so I was game to step it up!

Meal 1: 1 egg, 1/2c egg white, shredded zucchini

Meal 2: 4oz white fish cooked in 1tsp coconut oil, green beans

Meal 3: 1 scoop whey protein, cucumber and cauliflower (raw)

Meal 4: repeat meal 2

Meal 5: Nutracleanse pancakes (see receive above, makes 2 eat only 1), fat free activia yogurt

Water – 6-8 lts a day, yes 6-8 LITRES 🙂

July 31st BOOM 174lbs – 13lbs down for July 🙂