Train, Eat, Family, Sleep, Repeat – I have realized is in the wrong order…

If you knew me, you would know that I am an all or nothing kind of person. When I decided to train for my first fitness show I had it in my head that as soon as I gave birth to my son it would be GO TIME! 100% food, workouts and the transformation would happen. Well, kinda for about 2 months, then off and then push to Christmas and then OH January push again until I hit a wall in mid April, then really started 100% in July. It has been hard to find that balance, and I am still struggling. I have a demanding job, a family, animals and all the other fun things that come along. My son is only 13 months right now and I see him for about 20 hours during the week, and my husband even less!

I am dedicated to this process but the process of getting myself in the best shape of my life, not necessarily stepping on stage. That was just a fun idea to give me a goal.

I am almost 8 weeks out from the show, and I have just under 20lbs to loose. That doesn’t seem hard on paper, but that means virtually no calories and 3+ hours a day in the gym. For what?

I have to think about this, I have to talk to my husband. I have to have a talk with myself.

New order – Family, Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat!

“Trust your journey even when nobody else does” – She went out on a limb, Sandy Gingras


My 12 Week Transformation

I get very caught up in the day to day. Especially if I don’t accomplish what I expected for that week or time period. What helps is taking pictures along the way!

I think that says it all – 21lbs down in 12 weeks 🙂