Pink Shirt Day – Anti Bullying Day

Today I wear a pink sweater to show support for in BC. I didn’t consider myself “bullied” as a child but when I stop and think about it I did have a couple of instances.

In grade 6 my friends and I were playing outside at school and it had just snowed. I was sitting on a ledge with my girlfriends watching all the boys having a snowball fight. I can’t remember exactly why but one boy that I knew decided to made a snowball with a rock in the middle of it, he proceeded to throw it directly at my head, hitting me and knocking me right off that ledge. He called me names and tormented me but I always thought he had issues and it wasn’t really me personally, but maybe it was?

In high school, well as long as I can remember I struggled with my weight and body image, high school just emphasizes it! I was walking with a friend when a car if guys we knew drove by, one of which I was pretty fond of at the time, they yelled out the window “eat a salad fatty!” And laughed.

I was lucky to not have dealt with this issue much but those memories will always be there! Those guys may not have thought much about the comments then, and probably wouldn’t remember now but I do.

I guess think twice before speaking negatively about anyone. You may not think you are being a bully, but that is how it could be interpreted. And look out for others, speak up, pay it forward, just be good!


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