Another step closer

This morning I met with a new coach, her name is Dawn Alison and she is the owner of Fit Body BC. I have been following her team via Facebook for a while now and I like not only the success that I see with her clients, but the diversity in her team.

I have decided to train for the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic November 9, 2014. This is the same show I was training for in 2013 but I did not end up competing, as explained in my earlier post.

I have also decided to enter into the Figure category instead of bikini. I feel like this suits my body better, and my personality as well.

I was asked to bring a picture of the body that I have in my head, and the first person I thought of was Brooke Erickson. I follow her and love reading her posts, very inspirational and real! I also like her “off-season” just as much as her “show” body. I don’t think that anyone should be 20-30lbs difference between these two stages, and a lot of girl that I have been reading are!


Well, wish me luck 😉


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