Epic Fail? No, I was sick

My 21 days was going to start, but then I got sick! Did you know that adults can get Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease? Well, let me tell you it is true! It started in my mouth, just thinking I was getting a sore throat but then my hands started to get itchy by Tuesday. On Wednesday got worse, to the point that having dinner that night I could not concentrate, they were itching and throbbing!! A trip to the walk in clinic confirmed it, Hand, Foot, and Mouth!?! It hit my feet by Thursday and today (Saturday) I am finally ok!

In that time, my food was all over the place and I obviously wasn’t hitting the gym.

Tomorrow, I will be back at the gym and I already have some food prepped. And more prepping to do tomorrow.

We are moving in 27 days. Hubby and I have decided that we are not going to eat out, no treat meals until we move. We are both feeling fluffy and out of shape! I vow for the next 27 days not only to post, but to post with pictures of my food and workouts.

PROMISE this time 😉


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