Today feels like a leg day

Not much time today so legs it is! Easy to hit the majors in a short time. Some volume, some heavy. Feel the buuuuuurn!


Post workout later with some video 😜


Tabata Arms

I didn’t have a whole lot in the tank this morning. Between not getting enough calories in yesterday to a poor sleep due to a sick dog. But I still got to the gym and put in what I could.

I have been loving Tabata workouts lately for my accessory work.

Today I did arms for 15:50 20secs work, 10secs rest.

Bicep cable curl s/s Tricep Rope Pressdown 8 rounds

Bicep high cable curl alternating arms 8 rounds

Tricep dumbbell kickback alternating arms 8 rounds

Bicep Hammer Curl 4 rounds

Tricep dip machine 4 rounds

I’m not covered in sweat but I do feel like I got a decent workout in! I’ll do cardio tonight for 30-40mins depending on my work day.

What happened?

Wow! As I look back at what has happened this year, it is a blur. So many things, so many changes and so many curve balls. Some people call this LIFE! As my husband would say “Grab a mitt, and get in the game!”

Basically, I am feel like I am back at square one. I have gained back every pound that I lost last year. I started a new job, in a new industry. And my son, who is now 3 years old is facing a possible autism diagnosis.

Where do I go from here?

There is only one direction, and that is UP!

I can’t move any further back, I can’t stop and I won’t give up.

I am going to use this blog again. I am going to start to share my thoughts again, my journey. I want whoever reads this to know that sometimes we fall down. We get tested, pushed, pressured. But don’t give up. If life pushes, just push back no matter how hard it is.

Insert inspirational quote here LOL!

It can be a slippery slope

Tonight feels like it could go sideways. Not too sure why. Good workout this morning, got my cardio in and busy but productive day at work.

Finished dinner – Kale salad with tuna, tomatoes, cranberries, seeds and little bit of poppyseed dressing – and I still feel like something sweet. Pull out ketchup crispy minis, ok not sweet but carbs. Had a few handfuls. Still searching, raisins sure! Let’s “fill up” my sons 1/4 empty bin 😉 handful, few more, close the lid. But this is how it starts, little bits of things.

My husband is heading downstairs with my son leaving me in the kitchen alone. Dangerous. I have to do a little cooking tonight for the rest of the week. I made a coffee, almond milk latte actually with a bit of chocolate protein powder, ah this is satisfaction!

And I write about it, of my fingers are typing I certainly can’t be eating too 😉

My view


Busy bee Monday’s – Got it done!

The whole point about being in off season is learning about balance. I started my contest prep in March of 2014 for my competition in Nov 2014. I have been yo yo dieting since. This period of time, until about May is my balance portion, my off season.

I am hoping when I do start prep again, I will be in a good head space and my body will have regulated and found its comfortable weight.

Here is my Monday, and it was a busy one!


I started early eating my first meal just after 4am for my 5am workout. My preworkout was the Magnum Pyscho Stack! And I was flying!!


Feels good to start

Motivated. Ready. On Track.

It is funny how when you fuel your body with the right foods, you not only feel better but you aren’t as hungry!?! Amazing isn’t it? Not really, it’s pretty basic but most of us let our minds decide what goes into our mouths not our brains.

I had a good day today, not prefect, just better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.

I wrote down my food and my workout this morning as well. Hubby and I worked out together this morning, we try to workout together as much as possible. Besides a two year old demanding our attention, this is our time together.IMG_0116-0


Salad with sole, quinoa and flax



Pumpkin Protein Cookies

Although I do wish there was a magic button I could push to get me three weeks from now feeling great, it’s a process and I need to learn to enjoy the process.

Epic Fail? No, I was sick

My 21 days was going to start, but then I got sick! Did you know that adults can get Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease? Well, let me tell you it is true! It started in my mouth, just thinking I was getting a sore throat but then my hands started to get itchy by Tuesday. On Wednesday got worse, to the point that having dinner that night I could not concentrate, they were itching and throbbing!! A trip to the walk in clinic confirmed it, Hand, Foot, and Mouth!?! It hit my feet by Thursday and today (Saturday) I am finally ok!

In that time, my food was all over the place and I obviously wasn’t hitting the gym.

Tomorrow, I will be back at the gym and I already have some food prepped. And more prepping to do tomorrow.

We are moving in 27 days. Hubby and I have decided that we are not going to eat out, no treat meals until we move. We are both feeling fluffy and out of shape! I vow for the next 27 days not only to post, but to post with pictures of my food and workouts.

PROMISE this time 😉