What happened?

Wow! As I look back at what has happened this year, it is a blur. So many things, so many changes and so many curve balls. Some people call this LIFE! As my husband would say “Grab a mitt, and get in the game!”

Basically, I am feel like I am back at square one. I have gained back every pound that I lost last year. I started a new job, in a new industry. And my son, who is now 3 years old is facing a possible autism diagnosis.

Where do I go from here?

There is only one direction, and that is UP!

I can’t move any further back, I can’t stop and I won’t give up.

I am going to use this blog again. I am going to start to share my thoughts again, my journey. I want whoever reads this to know that sometimes we fall down. We get tested, pushed, pressured. But don’t give up. If life pushes, just push back no matter how hard it is.

Insert inspirational quote here LOL!


I have come full circle

It was a year ago today that I received an email from my (now former) boss to see her first thing Monday morning when I arrived. I had no idea what was about to happen. I could never imagined the hell I would go through that day, the next day and the months that followed.

Fast forward a year, Nov 30, 2014 – WOW – what I have accomplished over the last year. First I won the fight, then I landed on my feet. Quickly after I started to get serious about my training. I stayed focused for 9 months, focused on the journey, the stage, the process. I had my ups and downs, my highs and lows. But if I could get through this last year and end up a better, stronger person – I am unstoppable.

I don’t know what is next for me, but I like the feeling of choice and the ability to make a decision that best suits me. There will be more change in the next few months, but not forced change.

Dec 2, 2013 was one of the worst days of my life, but after they beat me down, but man did I GET UP!

Saje Crave Away

I LOVE the SAje Natural Wellness store! My sister-in-law introduced me last fall when we were downtown Vancouver. I had seen it before, but never been in one.

Now I own, 3 Nebulizers and a variety of difference essential oils. We use one in our master bedroom, one in the kitchen and another in my son’s bedroom.

The last time I was in, I came across a new product that I hadn’t seen before. Crave Away which is an essential oil that helps to deal with food cravings – Sign me UP!

“A wholistic way to transform your relationship with food and support balanced eating habits. Inhale deeply an essential oil blend of pleasant food aromas to signal contentment to the brain and satiation to the body. The sweet aroma of benzoin and the licorice spice fragrance of fennel blend to calm the nervous system, minimize emotional eating, and prevent overindulgence.”

I smells amazing, and I now keep it in my purse so that I can grab it quick and inhale deeply when I feel a craving coming on. You can also dab a bit on your wrist, and smell when needed – I do this in the car 🙂IMG_4214



7w 1d – let the mind games begin!

It has been a weird week, I was explaining to a friend of mine this morning that I have been coming home after work and questioning if I cheated on my meal plan that day?!? I have to stop and really think about it. I know I didn’t but my mind is playing tricks on me. I have been taking a break from the office daily to grab a coffee, or go for a drive and every time I think – hmm I should get a treat. One cookie, doughnut or pack of Twizzlers is not going to kill me. I don’t act on these thoughts, I order my black coffee and go but for some reason my brain thinks maybe I did!

Each time I have these thoughts, I make a choice. My choice is not to give into my temptations. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, I am not depriving myself of food – no one needs doughnuts. I choose to fill myself up with vegetables, protein and good carbs.



There is a lot going on in my life right now, between work and home. We have decided to sell our house in the middle of my prep, smart – probably not but it is time and needs to be done. Will it throw off my prep? Maybe! But I will try my best not to let it. I will keep focused on my prep and hopefully everything else will fall into place. This show gives me something to focus on, to take my mind away from all the realities of life. Because I know that what I am doing is not reality, it is a dream. A dream that will come true, but then fade away.


Vision Board



My vision board speaks to a lot of different aspects of my life. It sits in my closet and I look at it everyday.

“Maintain your Balance” – Something that is a constant struggle for me

“A Healthy You” – My life since my son was born 25 months ago, both physically and mentally

“Homemade Chills and Thrills” – I love creating, I love being in the kitchen

“We’re in it Together” – My husband and I are a team, we are pushed but almost 13 years later we still stand

Have you ever created a vision board? Try it out and see where your mind takes you.

Water and Wi-Fi

It is Sunday, a day in our house of “rest and prep”. I was feeling very inspired and accomplished yesterday, having gone to the first annual Krack Klassic followed by grocery shopping, meal prep and hitting the gym (despite hating evening workouts!).

As hubby and I finished up, much later than normal at 9:30pm, we sat down to watch an episode of Chicago PD with our tea in hand – we heard a “POP….” in the kitchen, I jumped up to see what it was…our freezer was spitting water from below (we have an over-priced Sub Zero all freezer) – first thought “oh gosh, the compressor blew – followed by $$$$ in my head! Not to drag it out, because it is not the point of my story today, but it ends up being a $1 hose that burst; water damage in the basement and no water in our house today until we can cap the line.

As we surveyed the scene, we ended up turning off the power in the basement because the water was starting to come through the electrical outlet in the ceiling where our projector is mounted. Water also leaking into and through the projector and onto our leather couch. THANK goodness for home insurance, lesson #1.

Having said all this, these things I list above; our sub zero freezer, our basement projector, our leather couch, water damage in the basement of our 3-storey home. I can’t help but think we live a very privileged life. We came down to have breakfast this morning and we have no water and because of the power turned off no Wi-Fi – seriously, there are people in this world that wake up every morning without these things. Not to mention, most have to walk miles to find water, hope that it is clean and then walk miles back to their families to deliver it. Wi-Fi – these people probably don’t even know the meaning! 

The point of my story, don’t take things in your life for granted! If you live in Canada or North America stop and think – we are pretty lucky! I have had the privilege to visit some very remote areas of the world and see people living in terrible conditions. I always felt so lucky to land back at YVR, feeling safe and my heart grew a little bigger each time for this country I live in, for the house that I own and knowing that my family would never know a day without water!


Pink Shirt Day – Anti Bullying Day

Today I wear a pink sweater to show support for http://www.pinkshirtday.ca/ in BC. I didn’t consider myself “bullied” as a child but when I stop and think about it I did have a couple of instances.

In grade 6 my friends and I were playing outside at school and it had just snowed. I was sitting on a ledge with my girlfriends watching all the boys having a snowball fight. I can’t remember exactly why but one boy that I knew decided to made a snowball with a rock in the middle of it, he proceeded to throw it directly at my head, hitting me and knocking me right off that ledge. He called me names and tormented me but I always thought he had issues and it wasn’t really me personally, but maybe it was?

In high school, well as long as I can remember I struggled with my weight and body image, high school just emphasizes it! I was walking with a friend when a car if guys we knew drove by, one of which I was pretty fond of at the time, they yelled out the window “eat a salad fatty!” And laughed.

I was lucky to not have dealt with this issue much but those memories will always be there! Those guys may not have thought much about the comments then, and probably wouldn’t remember now but I do.

I guess think twice before speaking negatively about anyone. You may not think you are being a bully, but that is how it could be interpreted. And look out for others, speak up, pay it forward, just be good!