Day 6 – and the “Treat Meal”

My husband and I have decided that one day a week we are going to enjoy a “treat meal”. He is doing a carb-cycling diet right now and I am allowed one “treat meal” in my program, for now.

So, last night we decided to treat ourselves to a Papa Murphy’s pizza. And not thin crust, no cheese, fat-free, gluten-free – oh no my husband some how convinced me to get a 5-Meat Stuffed pizza!?!


I was hesitant at first, I am not a big meat pizza eater to begin with but double layered pizza – WOW! I must say it was much better than expected. It was fresh tasting and not greasy at all! I managed 2.5 pieces (we cut it into 8 pieces). We also paired it up with a salad, I know boring!?! Why is that a treat you say?


The treat about this salad was the almonds, parmesan cheese, strawberries, avocado and homemade dressing (avocado oil, honey, mustard, rice wine vinegar). It was so good, to me this is a real treat!!

But I got through it, and this morning WOW did I have a great workout!?! I went up in all my weights (it was leg day) and my cardio was great as well. I was very happy with my progress. I also thought my stomach looked flatter this morning…



The picture in the light shirt was from one week ago, and the black shirt was this morning.

We will continue to do this, as long as I can because I think it helps me mentally knowing that I have a meal coming up that I can eat whatever I want. And who knows a few weeks into it, I may not crave anything?? There are good articles out there to outline the importance of these treat/cheat meals. Check out this one onĀ Fit Day.

What do you think? Do you use “Treat Meals” in your program?