Breakfast Protein Loaf

Further to my Egg White Pancake post, I also try to spice things up by making this recipe a couple of different ways.

Waffles – basically make up the same ingredients and put into your waffle maker! Warning though, because of the egg white they tend to puff up a bit and cause a bit of a fuss in the waffle maker. I don’t do them this way often.











The easiest one has been lately the loaf;











The one above is for 5 days – so I take my ingredients for one day;

1 cup egg whites (or a mixture of protein powder and egg whites)

15g oats

1 Banana

1tsp Nutracleanse

1tsp Flax

1tsp cinnamon

all x 5 for 5 days – mix it up, I blend it with a hand mixer. Then pour it in – bake at 350 for about an hour. I divide it up and then freeze it. Take it out the night before to thaw and then cut up into pieces and put under your broiler for a few minutes to brown up!

And sometimes, when I am a nice wife. I cut my husbands up and then make it into french toast – YUM!









Nutracleanse Protein Pancakes

I have come to love this recipe, I eat them all the time! I have talked about Nutracleanse quite a bit and that is because it is a great source of fiber! Onto the pancakes…

1 scoop Protein Powder
3tbsp Nutracleanse
1/2 cup egg white (or to the consistency you like)
Cinnamon to taste
Splenda (optional)

Mix all together, should make about 4-5 pancakes.



When I was away and craving fried eggs on bread, I made myself a big pancake!