Variety Pack – Quest like bars

I have now made these bars every night since I first posted the recipe, partly to try different flavours and partly because I know when I get my contest prep plan next week it will be bye, bye to Quest bars!!

The flavours I made are; chocolate/coconut, lemon, chocolate cookie, chocolate/flax seed and carrot cake!


Also, I wrote in my previous post that I used my stand-up mixer but I wouldn’t recommend that. I am not sure why it worked that time, but the next couple times I couldn’t figure out why it was so dry?!? With the above bars, I went back to making them one at a time in a small bowl and I creamed it all together with a spatula. That worked much better, it really needs to be mixed properly and then moulded.




Homemade “Quest like” Bar

I did it! I ordered the magic ingredient and tried it and it worked! Not sure why I doubted it? No, it’s not as good as the original but for probably 1/4 of the price and the ability to make different flavours, I’m in!

I’ll post the recipe later 🙂

Update! The recipe I followed I found via I followed the Chocolate Chip Cookie Quest bar and it worked out amazingly!

The first time I made only one, just to test it out…


It was good, good enough to try again. The next time I did a batch of 6 – 6 x the recipe in my stand-up mixer and then smooooshed it into a 9 x 9 silicone baking pan. I put it in the fridge for about an hour to set and I am not sure if we even waited the full hour before diving in!


The macro’s on my bars; 248 cal, 12.75 carb (net), 22 protein, 7.25 fat (chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar is 160 cal, 9 carb (net), 20 protein and 6 fat)

I used baker’s unsweetened chocolate, Mutant Vanilla Whey protein powder, English Toffee Sweet Drops and my son’s Arrowroot cookies (don’t tell him!) so that made the bars a little higher in carb and calories and also they are NOT gluten free!

Oh “beep, beep” goes my oven – do they bake the same?? (350 for 8 mins)



Of course they do – YUM! All in all, very successful but if I am going to continue to make them myself I will be more choosy with the ingredients.

Let me know how yours turn out!