It’s all about the mustard

July 5th, 2014 will be a day I will always remember, the first time I added mustard as a topping on my meal. I heard a rumor that mustard was a staple in contest prep! It is 0 cals and has no added sugar and gives your food a little bit of life!









The above meal wasn’t too bad on it’s own, it was beef and broccoli and cabbage. So, at least this one had a little fat for flavour. But this one act of squirting mustard on this dish changed my life, my prep and the coming weeks.

Now, as I go through my pictures (yes, I take a lot of pictures of my food!) I am seeing a common theme…






I normally just use French’s Classic Yellow Mustard but I have since found a new one, that doesn’t have added sugar! Watch out, not all mustards are created equal, most of them have added sugar so check your labels before buying!