Water and Wi-Fi

It is Sunday, a day in our house of “rest and prep”. I was feeling very inspired and accomplished yesterday, having gone to the first annual Krack Klassic followed by grocery shopping, meal prep and hitting the gym (despite hating evening workouts!).

As hubby and I finished up, much later than normal at 9:30pm, we sat down to watch an episode of Chicago PD with our tea in hand – we heard a “POP….” in the kitchen, I jumped up to see what it was…our freezer was spitting water from below (we have an over-priced Sub Zero all freezer) – first thought “oh gosh, the compressor blew – followed by $$$$ in my head! Not to drag it out, because it is not the point of my story today, but it ends up being a $1 hose that burst; water damage in the basement and no water in our house today until we can cap the line.

As we surveyed the scene, we ended up turning off the power in the basement because the water was starting to come through the electrical outlet in the ceiling where our projector is mounted. Water also leaking into and through the projector and onto our leather couch. THANK goodness for home insurance, lesson #1.

Having said all this, these things I list above; our sub zero freezer, our basement projector, our leather couch, water damage in the basement of our 3-storey home. I can’t help but think we live a very privileged life. We came down to have breakfast this morning and we have no water and because of the power turned off no Wi-Fi – seriously, there are people in this world that wake up every morning without these things. Not to mention, most have to walk miles to find water, hope that it is clean and then walk miles back to their families to deliver it. Wi-Fi – these people probably don’t even know the meaning! 

The point of my story, don’t take things in your life for granted! If you live in Canada or North America stop and think – we are pretty lucky! I have had the privilege to visit some very remote areas of the world and see people living in terrible conditions. I always felt so lucky to land back at YVR, feeling safe and my heart grew a little bigger each time for this country I live in, for the house that I own and knowing that my family would never know a day without water!