To Squeem or not to Squeem?

Squeem is the “Perfect Waist Cincher” or if you are wearing one right now you know it as sucks everything in and up or to the side, or some where who cares because my stomach is flat! I have used a squeem in the past, given to me by a friend to try. At first I didn’t like it, it was ok to wear but I only wore it to the gym and I think it was too small for me at the time so all I could think of was getting it off!!

I just bought a new one of my own and went to the infamous Suit Lady to be properly measured for it. And I was requested to wear it by my coach as much as possible, as per her instructions only take it off “when you do cardio and shower” – yes that means sleep in it!!

I would recommend though, if you are going to start wearing one, work up to the 20+hrs a day in it. I wear mine for as long as I can, take it off a few hours and then back on again. As for sleeping, so far I have gone about an hour longer each night before I wake up and unconsciously tearing it off and tossing it across the room!